Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

Johnson Group has been providing professional, expert commercial brokerage services since 1981 with an emphasis on equipping our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Our brokerage services include Landlord Property Representation, Tenant Representation, Seller Listing Representation, and Tenant/Purchaser Representation for office, industrial, retail, investment, and land.

Seller/Landlord Property Representation:

We provide representation services for sellers and landlords which include: property assessment and valuation; recommendations for highest and best use; market positioning, marketing services and exposure to the market; identification of qualified purchaser or leasing prospects; marketing presentations and property tours with all prospective purchasers and tenants; transaction negotiations; coordination of ancillary professional services; and management of each step of the transaction resulting in a closed sale or lease.

Purchaser Representation: 

Our team provides representation services for purchasers which include: assessment of purchaser’s requirements; coordination of ancillary professional services; familiarization of purchaser with the marketplace and market conditions; extensive market research to present properties that substantially meet purchaser’s needs; conduct all purchaser property tours; assist in evaluating prospective property attributes and suitability to meet purchaser’s requirements; conduct purchase negotiations; provide assistance through the due diligence process; and bringing the acquisition to a successful close.

Tenant Representation: 

Our group provides representation services for tenants which include: assessment of tenant’s requirements; coordination of ancillary professional services; familiarization of tenant with the marketplace and market conditions; extensive market research to present properties that substantially meet tenant’s needs; conduct all tenant property tours; prepare and circulate tenant proposal requests for property finalist; evaluation of landlord proposals; conduct business terms of lease negotiations; consult with tenant through construction planning; and manage each step of the transaction resulting in a completed lease.

Property Management: 

At Johnson Group, we provide property management services which include: administration and enforcement of the lease agreements; management of all building services including janitorial services, utilities, maintenance personnel, maintenance of all building systems, management of major repairs, construction management of building improvements and tenant finishes; management of tenant relations; management of the accounting functions of rent collections, tenant escalation process, review of all proposals, work orders, and invoices for payment, and provide disbursement function for all payables; maintenance of owner’s account; preparation of monthly reports including rent rolls and financial statements; and provide ongoing recommendations to maintain the facility and preserve the value of the owner’s asset.

Asset Management:

In addition to property management functions, Johnson Group can provide asset management functions which further assist the ownership in handling major management and leasing decisions for the real estate asset.

Commercial Property Investment Analysis:

We offer our investment clients investment analysis services which allow purchasers to make informed decisions based on financial projections prepared in light of realistic expectations of future performance based on a collective experience of over 80 years of commercial real estate brokerage, management and ownership.

Consulting Services:

Our group can provide monthly consultation services in order to fully analyze and discuss a client’s real estate needs and alternatives. In this regard, Johnson Group can coordinate activities in conducting feasibility studies for possible expansion of existing facility, creation of a satellite facility, moving to another existing building and deciding what size and configuration best meets client’s present and future needs, and building-to-suit a new facility; provide a detailed analysis of available locations, both vacant land and existing buildings, satellite buildings or structures capable of being expanded; and provide an opinion of value on client’s existing building should that become an issue.